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41:42 Pharaoh took his ring off his own hand and placed it on the hand of Joseph. He had him dressed in the finest linen garments, and placed a gold chain around his neck.
Vayasar Par'oh et-tabato me'al yado vayiten otah al-yad Yosef vayalbesh oto bigdey-shesh vayasem revid hazahav al-tsavaro.
41:43 He had [Joseph] ride in his second royal chariot, and [those going] ahead of him announced, 'The Viceroy!' [Joseph] was thus given authority over all Egypt.
Vayarkev oto bemirkevet hamishneh asher-lo vayikre'u lefanav avrech venaton oto al kol-erets Mitsrayim.


second royal chariot
  (Rashi; Ramban; Ralbag; Sefer HaYashar). Or, 'the chariot of the second in command' (Rashbam; Ibn Ezra).

The Viceroy
  (Targum). Avrekh in Hebrew. Since rekh can mean king (see 2 Samuel 3:39, Radak ad loc.), this word can be interpreted as 'father of the king' or 'arch-ruler' (Sifri on Deuteronomy 1:1; Bava Bathra 4a; Rashi; Rashbam. See Genesis 45:8; note on Genesis 20:2). It may also be related to the Akadian word abarakhu, denoting the chief steward of the royal house. Others define Avrekh as 'merciful father' (Sh'muel ben Chofni). Still others see it as a command, 'bow down' (Ibn Janach; Radak, Sherashim; Sforno). It may thus be related to the Egyptian expression a-bor-k, 'prostrate yourself,' or aprek, 'head bowed.' Others see it as related to the Egyptian ibrek, 'attention,' aabrek 'to the left' or 'stand aside,' ap-rekh-u, 'head of the wise,' ab-rek, 'rejoice!' or abu-rek, 'your command is our desire.'

According to other sources, Avrekh was the public name given to Joseph, while Tzaphnath Paaneach (41:45) was the private name used in the palace (Agadath Bereshith 73). Others interpret the verse, 'as he passed [the people] called out, 'I will bow down' ' (Ibn Ezra).

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