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48:22 In addition to what your brothers shall share, I am giving you Shechem, which I took from the Amorite with my sword and bow.'
Va'ani natati lecha Shchem achad al-acheycha asher lakachti miyad ha'Emori becharbi uvekashti.
49:1 Fourth Reading
Jacob called for his sons. [When they came,] he said, 'Come together, and I will tell you what will happen in the course of time.
Vayikra Ya'akov el-banav vayomer he'asefu ve'agidah lachem et asher-yikra etchem be'acharit hayamim.


  See Genesis 12:6, 33:18. (Targum Yonathan; Rashi; Ibn Ezra). See Joshua 24:32. Others translate the word shechem here as 'a portion' (Onkelos; Rashi). The word literally means a 'shoulder,' and some interpret it to mean a hill.

  See Genesis 10:16, 14:7, 15:16, 15:21. Some take 'Amorite' as a generic term for all the tribes of Canaan (Ibn Ezra).

sword and bow
  This may allude to the wars that Jacob's sons fought against the Amorites after the Shechem massacre (Targum Yonathan; Bereshith Rabbah 97. Cf. Yov'loth 34; Tzavaath Yehudah 3; Sefer HaYashar, p. 98ff; Midrash VaYisu; MeAm Lo'ez/The Torah Anthology 3:219ff.). According to others, it may allude to the Shechem massacre itself (Sh'muel ben Chofni Gaon; Ibn Ezra). Others render the Hebrew as 'with my prayer and supplication' (Onkelos; Mekhilta, BeShalach 2; Rashi).

in the course of time
  Literally, 'at the end of days.' Compare Moses' blessing; Deuteronomy 33.

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