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6:23 Aaron married Nachshon's sister, Elisheva daughter of Aminadav. She bore him Nadav, Avihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.
Vayikach Aharon et-Elisheva bat-Aminadav achot Nachshon lo le'ishah vateled lo et-Nadav ve'et Avihu et-El'azar ve'et Itamar.
6:24 The sons of Korach: Assir, Elkana and Aviasaf. These are the families of the Korachites.
Uveney Korach Asir ve'Elkanah va'Aviasaf eleh mishpechot haKorchi.


  He was a prince of the tribe of Judah (Numbers 1:7, 2:3), and an ancestor of King David (Ruth 4:20, 1 Chronicles 2:10).

  In the Septuagint, her name is given as Elizabeth.

  A great-grandson of Judah's son Peretz (Genesis 38:29): Peretz, Chetzron (Genesis 46:12), Ram, Aminadav (Ruth 4:18-20, 1 Chronicles 2:9,10).

she bore him
  See Numbers 3:2, 26:60, 1 Chronicles 5:29, 24:1.

Nadav, Avihu
  They had been chosen as the next generation of leaders (Exodus 24:1, 24:9, 28:1), but they died because of improper sacrifice (Leviticus 10:1, Numbers 3:4, 26:61, 1 Chronicles 24:2).

  El'azar in Hebrew. See Exodus 6:25. Eleazar was groomed for the High Priesthood before Aaron's death (Numbers 3:32, 4:16, 17:2, 19:3). He then held this position (Numbers 20:26, 26:1, Deuteronomy 10:2). He led the Israelites along with Joshua (Numbers 32:28, 34:17, Joshua 14:1), and he outlived Joshua by several years (Joshua 24:33).

  He was later to keep the accounts of the Tabernacle (Exodus 38:21), and was in charge of transporting it (Numbers 4:28,33, 7:8). Cf. Ezra 8:2, 1 Chronicles 24:3-6.

sons of Korach
  See Exodus 6:21. His sons did not die when he rebelled (Numbers 26:11). They are credited with writing Psalms 42, 44-48, 84, 87.

  See 1 Chronicles 6:7. There was also an Assir who was a son of Aviasaf; 1 Chronicles 6:22.

  1 Chronicles 6:8, 6:10.

  1 Chronicles 6:8, 6:22, 9:19.

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