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13:8 On that day, you must tell your child, 'It is because of this that God acted for me when I left Egypt.'
Vehigadeta levincha bayom hahu lemor ba'avur zeh asah Adonay li betseti miMitsrayim.
13:9 [These words] must also be a sign on your arm and a reminder in the center of your head.

God's Torah will then be on your tongue. It was with a show of strength that God brought you out of Egypt.
Vehayah lecha le'ot al-yadcha ulezikaron beyn eyneycha lema'an tihyeh torat Adonay beficha ki beyad chazakah hotsi'acha Adonay miMitsrayim.

13:10 This law must therefore be kept at its designated time from year to year.
Veshamarta et-hachukah hazot lemo'adah miyamim yamimah.


These words
  This indicates that this Hebrew chapter must be included in the Tefillin, which are worn on the arm and head. The other three sections are mentioned in Exodus 13:16, Deuteronomy 6:8, and 11:18. Hence, there are four chapters of the Torah, written on parchment, in the Tefillin.

center of your head
  Literally, 'between your eyes,' an idiom denoting the center of the head, just above the hairline (cf. Deuteronomy 14:1; Radak, s.v. Tataf). See Exodus 13:16.

on your tongue
  Literally, 'in your mouth.'

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