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25:37 Make seven lamps on [the menorah]. Its lamps shall be lit so that they shine [primarily] toward its center.
Ve'asita et-neroteyha shiv'ah vehe'elah et-neroteyha vehe'ir al-ever paneyha.
25:38 [The menorah's] wick tongs and ash scoops shall [also] be made out of pure gold.
Umalkacheyha umachtoteyha zahav tahor.
25:39 [The menorah], including all its parts, shall be made of a talent of pure gold.
Kikar zahav tahor ya'aseh otah et kol-hakelim ha'eleh.


  Bowls or cups to hold oil (Rashi). Each of these cups held 1/2 log (6.8 ounces or 200 c.c.) of oil (Menachoth 88b; Yad, Temidim 3:11). If the cups were hemispherical in shape, they would be 3.6 inches (9.14 cm.) in diameter. These cups were an integral part of the menorah (Yad, Beth HaBechirah 3:6), but there are some who dispute this, and maintain that they were removable (Menachoth 88b).

toward its center
  Some say that this means that the wicks should face the center shaft (Rashi on Numbers 8:2; Rashbam; Ralbag). Others maintain that the lamps themselves were tilted toward the center (Menachoth 98b; Yad, Beth HaBechirah 3:8. This may mean that the side of the lamps toward the center slanted inward (Yehudah HaChasid).

wick tongs
  Malkachaim in Hebrew, tongs or tweezers to insert and adjust the wicks (Rashi; Rashbam; Ralbag). Others say that they were 'wick holders,' built into the menorah, possibly as plates over the oil holders (Ramban).

ash scoops
  Machtoth in Hebrew, small scoops to remove the ashes from the cups each day (Rashi; Rashbam; Ralbag). Others say that these were 'ash catchers', small pans around each lamp to catch sparks and ashes, built into the menorah (Ramban).

all its parts
  Literally, 'all its utensils.' However, the tongs and scoops were not included in the talent (Menachoth 88b; Yad, Beth HaBechirah 3:6).

  Kikar in Hebrew. A talent is equal to 3000 shekels (see Exodus 38:26, Rashi ad loc.; Rashi here) or 150 pounds (68.4 kg.). It can therefore easily be calculated that the diameter of the stem and branches of the menorah was around 1-1/8 inches (3 cm.).

[The weight of the menorah was 68.4 kg., and since the specific gravity of gold is 19.2, the volume of the menorah was 3562 cc. The combined length of the stem and all seven branches can be calculated to be around 200 inches (500 cm.). Therefore, the cross section of the branches was 7 square centimeters, and their diameter was 3 cm.]

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