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Exodus Ki Tisa
  Ki Tisa
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Ki Tisa

32:34 Now go; you still have to lead the people to [the place] that I described to you. I will send My angel before you. Still, when I grant special providence to the people, I will take this sin of theirs into account.'
Ve'atah lech necheh et-ha'am el asher-dibarti lach hineh mal'achi yelech lefaneycha uveyom pokdi ufakadeti alehem chatatam.
32:35 God then struck the people with a plague because of the calf that Aaron had made.
Vayigof Adonay et-ha'am al asher asu et-ha'egel asher asah Aharon.


I will send My angel...
  See note on Exodus 23:20.

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