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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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2:14 When you bring an offering of the first grain, it should be [brought] as soon as it ripens on the stalk. Your first grain offering shall consist of fresh kernels [of barley], roasted in a perforated pan, [and then ground into] coarse meal.
Ve'im-takriv minchat bikurim l'Adonay aviv kaluy ba'esh geres karmel takriv et minchat bikureycha.
2:15 Place olive oil and frankincense on it, just like for any other meal offering.
Venatata aleyha shemen vesamta aleyha levonah minchah hi.


first grain
  This was the omer, mentioned in Leviticus 23:10-14 (Menachoth 68b, 84a; Yad, Temidim 7:12; Rashi).

as soon as it ripens...
  (Radak, Sherashim; Hirsch). Aviv in Hebrew. Some say that it denotes barley (Menachoth 61b; cf. Exodus 9:31), especially when it is ripe enough to be eaten (Saadia; Ibn Janach). According to others, it refers to the early grain (Rashi, Menachoth 66a, s.v. aviv). Still others maintain that it denotes grain roasted in a perforated vessel (Targum Yonathan; cf. Menachoth 66a; Yad, Tamidim 7:22).

fresh kernels
  Karmel in Hebrew. (Menachoth 84a; see Rashi, Menachoth 64b, s.v. Karmel; Yad, Temidim 7:9). These were grains that were not yet dry and hard (Menachoth 66b; Rashi; Radak, Sherashim).

of barley
  (see Yad, Temidim 7:11; see earlier notes).

roasted in...
  (Menachoth 66b; Rashi; Yad, Temidim 7:12). Kaluy in Hebrew.

and then
  (Menachoth 66b; Yad, Temidim 7:12).

ground into coarse meal
  (Rashi 66a, s.v. Ve-gerusaoth;) or 'cracked grains' (Saadia; Radak, Sherashim; Ibn Janach). This was the best grade of barley meal, equivalent to soleth made of wheat (Rashi, Menachoth 66a, s.v. Shel Gerosoth, 27a s.v. Geresh, 69b s.v. Ve-Lo; Sotah 14a).

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