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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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23:36 For seven days then, you shall present a fire offering to God.

The eighth day is a sacred holiday to you when you shall bring a fire offering to God. It is a time of retreat when you may do no service work.
Shiv'at yamim takrivu isheh l'Adonay bayom hashmini mikra-kodesh yihyeh lachem vehikravtem isheh l'Adonay atseret hi kol-melechet avodah lo ta'asu.


fire offering...
  See Numbers 29:12-38.

eighth day
  This is Shemini Atzereth. See next comment.

time of retreat
  Atzereth in Hebrew. It is a time when one must 'hold back' from doing work (Saadia; Ibn Ezra; Radak, Sherashim) and maintain a level of holiness (Sforno). Others say it is a 'holdover' for the holiday (Rashi; Ibn Ezra).

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