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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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10:12 The Israelites thus began their travels, [moving on] from the Sinai Desert [until] the cloud came to rest in the Paran Desert.
Vayis'u veney Yisra'el lemas'eyhem mimidbar Sinay vayishkon he'anan bemidbar Paran.
10:13 This was the first journey at God's word through Moses.
Vayis'u barishonah al-pi Adonay beyad-Moshe.


Paran Desert
  The exact location where they arrived was Kibhroth HaTaavah (Graves of Craving), see Numbers, 11:34, 33:16. This was a three day journey (100 miles) from Sinai (Numbers, 10:33; Sefer HaYashar, p. 215). Some identify Kibhroth HaTaavah with Kadesh Barnea (Ibn Ezra on 33:16). See note on Numbers 13:1.

This was the first...
  (Midrash HaGadol). Or, 'The first rank departed...' (Septuagint).

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