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Numbers Korach
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18:11 This is what shall be bestowed as an elevated gift to you:

All the Israelites' wave offerings are given to you, along with your sons and daughters, as an everlasting portion. Everyone in your household who is ritually clean may eat them.
Vezeh-lecha trumat matanam lechol-tenufot beney Yisra'el lecha netatim ulevaneycha velivnoteycha itcha lechok-olam kol-tahor beveytcha yochal oto.

18:12 The dedicated portion of oil, wine and grain that must initially be presented to God is now given to you.
Kol chelev yitshar vechol-chelev tirosh vedagan reshitam asher-yitnu l'Adonay lecha netatim.
18:13 The first fruit of all that [grows] in your land, which is presented to God, shall be yours. Everyone in your household who is ritually clean may eat it.
Bikurey kol-asher be'artsam asher-yavi'u l'Adonay lecha yihyeh kol-tahor beveytcha yochelenu.


wave offerings
  See Leviticus 7:30, 14:12, 14:24, 23:17, 23:20, Numbers 6:20 (Rashi).

dedicated portion
  Chelev in Hebrew, which usually denotes 'fat,' or the portion dedicated to the altar (see Leviticus 3:9). Here it refers to the portion dedicated to the priest.

initially be presented...
  This is the terumah offering that must be given to the priest (Rashi).

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