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Genesis Chayey Sarah
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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Chayey Sarah

24:29 Rebecca had a brother named Laban. He ran outside to the stranger, to the well.
Ule-Rivkah ach ushemo Lavan vayarots Lavan el-ha'ish hachutsah el-ha'ayin.
24:30 He had seen the ring, and the bracelets on his sister's arms, and had heard his sister Rebecca relating what the man had said to her. He came to the stranger, who was still standing beside the camels near the well,
Vayehi kir'ot et-hanezem ve'et hatsmidim al-yedey achoto ucheshome'o et-diverey Rivekah achoto lemor koh-diber elay ha'ish vayavo el-ha'ish vehineh omed al-hagmalim al-ha'ayin.
24:31 and said, 'Come! [You're a man] blessed by God! Why are you still standing there outside? I have cleaned the house and prepared a place for the camels.'
Vayomer bo beruch Adonay lamah ta'amod bachuts ve'anochi piniti habayit umakom lagmalim.


  Literally, an anonymous 'man.' See Genesis 18:2.

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