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Genesis Lech Lecha
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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Lech Lecha

17:12 'Throughout all generations, every male shall be circumcised when he is eight days old. [This shall include] those born in your house, as well as [slaves] bought with cash from an outsider, who is not your descendant.
Uven-shmonat yamim yimol lachem kol-zachar ledoroteychem yelid bayit umiknat-kesef mikol ben-nechar asher lo mizar'acha hu.
17:13 [All slaves,] both houseborn and purchased with your money must be circumcised. This shall be My covenant in your flesh, an eternal covenant.
Himol yimol yelid beytcha umiknat kaspecha vehayetah vriti bivesarchem liverit olam.


eight days old
  Cf. Leviticus 12:3.

born in your house
  Some say that this denotes homeborn slaves (Shabbath 135b; Rashi).

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