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27:37 Isaac tried to answer. 'But I made him like a lord over you,' he said. 'I have given him all his brothers as slaves. I have associated him with the grain and the wine. Where....what....can I do for you, my son?'
Vaya'an Yitschak vayomer le-Esav hen gevir samtiv lach ve'et-kol-echav natati lo la'avadim vedagan vetirosh semachtiv ulecha efo mah e'eseh beni.
27:38 Esau said to his father, 'Is there only one blessing you have, my father? Father! Bless me too!' Esau raised his voice and began to weep.
Vayomer Esav el-aviv havrachah achat hi-lecha avi baracheni gam-ani avi vayisa Esav kolo vayevk.


I have associated him
  'I have placed him close' (Radak), or 'I have supported him with' (Targum).

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