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32:4 First Reading
Jacob sent messengers ahead of him to his brother Esau, to Edom's Field in the Seir area.
Vayishlach Ya'akov mal'achim lefanav el-Esav achiv artsah Se'ir sdeh Edom.
32:5 He instructed them to deliver the following message:

'To my lord Esau. Your humble servant Jacob says: I have been staying with Laban, and have delayed my return until now.
Vayetsav otam lemor koh tomrun ladoni le-Esav koh amar avdecha Ya'akov im-Lavan garti va'echar ad-atah.

32:6 I have acquired cattle, donkeys, sheep, slaves and slave-girls, and am now sending word to tell my lord, to gain favor in your eyes.'
Vayehi-li shor vachamor tson ve'eved veshifchah va'eshlechah lehagid ladoni limtso-chen be'eyneycha.


Edom's Field
  See Genesis 25:30. The area was apparently named for Esau.

  See Genesis 14:6. This seems to contradict the statement that Esau did not settle in Seir until after Jacob's arrival (Genesis 36:8). Some say that Esau did not actually live in Seir now, but only visited it regularly (Ramban on Genesis 36:6; Sforno, Chizzkuni). Others say that this was not Mount Seir, and that the area was named for Esau (Josephus 2:2:1; see notes on Genesis 25:25, 26:20). It appears that Esau now lived in the plains near Seir, and later invaded the hill country (see Aggadath Bereshith).

In general, Seir is the area south of the Zered Brook and the Dead Sea. The messengers were therefore sent a distance of 90 miles from Machanaim.

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