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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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 37:1  37:2
37:1 First Reading
Meanwhile, Jacob settled in the area where his father had lived in the land of Canaan.
Vayeshev Ya'akov be'erets megurey aviv be'erets Kna'an.
37:2 These are the chronicles of Jacob:

Josesph was 17 years old. As a lad, he would tend the sheep with his brothers, the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, his father's wives. Joseph brought his father a bad report about them.
Eleh toldot Ya'akov Yosef ben-shva-esreh shanah hayah ro'eh et-echav batson vehu na'ar et-beney Vilhah ve'et-beney Zilpah neshey aviv vayave Yosef et-dibatam ra'ah el-avihem.


settled in the area
  Hebron; Genesis 37:14. Also see Genesis 35:27.

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