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Genesis VaYigash
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44:18 First Reading
Judah walked up to [Joseph] and said, 'Please, your highness, let me say something to you personally. Do not be angry with me, even though you are just like Pharaoh.
Vayigash elav Yehudah vayomer bi adoni yedaber-na avdecha davar be'ozney adoni ve'al-yichar apcha be'avdecha ki chamocha keFar'oh.
44:19 'You asked if we still had a father or another brother.
Adoni sha'al et-avadav lemor hayesh-lachem av o-ach.


let me say...
  Literally, 'Let me speak a word in my lord's ear.' The usual expressions here are 'your servant' and 'my lord' in place of 'I' and 'you,' representing the old court language, that was even used in Europe. Since it is confusing to the modern reader, here it is replaced with 'I' and 'you.'

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