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  Ki Tisa
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15:1 Moses and the Israelites then sang this song to God. It went:

I will sing to God for His great victory,

Horse and rider He threw in the sea.
Az yashir-Moshe uveney Yisra'el et-hashirah hazot l'Adonay vayomeru lemor ashirah l'Adonay ki-ga'oh ga'ah sus verochevo ramah vayam.

15:2 My strength and song is God

And this is my deliverance;

This is my God, I will enshrine Him

My father's God, I will exalt Him.
Ozi vezimrat yah vayehi-li lishu'ah zeh Eli ve'anvehu Elohey avi va'aromemenhu.

15:3 God is the Master of war,

God is His name.
Adonay ish milchamah Adonay shemo.


this song
  This song is part of the daily liturgy.

His great victory
  (cf. Rashbam). Or, 'He has triumphed over the proud (Targum; Rashi); or 'He has shown His pride' (Ibn Ezra).

My strength...
  (Targum; Ibn Ezra; Radak, Sherashim). Or, 'God's strength and cutting power was my deliverance' (Rashi).

I will enshrine Him
  (Targum; Radak, Sherashim). Or, 'I will glorify Him' (Rashi; Rashbam; cf. Shabbath 133b), or 'I will try to emulate Him (Shabbath 133b).

  (Rashi). Literally, 'man.'

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