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Exodus Mishpatim
  Ki Tisa
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22:2 However, if he robs in broad daylight, then it is an act of murder [to kill him].

[A thief] must make full restitution. If he does not have the means, he must be sold [as a slave to make restitution] for his theft.
Im-zarechah hashemesh alav damim lo shalem yeshalem im-eyn lo venimkar bignevato.

22:3 If the stolen article is found in his possession, and it is a living ox, donkey or sheep, he must make double restitution.
Im-himatse timatse veyado hagnevah mishor ad-chamor ad-seh chayim shnayim yeshalem.


in broad daylight
  (Rashbam; Ibn Ezra; cf. Saadia). Literally, 'if the sun shines on him,' an idiom. Or, 'if it is clear (that he has no deadly intent' (Mekhilta; Sanhedrin 72a; Rashi); or 'if it is done publicly [in the presence of witnesses]' (Targum; Ramban).

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