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23:17 Three times each year, every male among you must appear before God, Master [of the Universe].
Shalosh pe'amim bashanah yera'eh kol-zechurecha el-peney ha'Adon Adonay.
23:18 Do not sacrifice the blood of My [Passover] offering in the presence of leavened bread.

Do not allow the fat of My offering to remain overnight until morning.
Lo-tizbach al-chamets dam-zivchi velo-yalin chelev-chagi ad-boker.


Three times each year...
  See note on Exodus 23:14.

Master of the Universe

Do not sacrifice...
  See Exodus 34:25, Deuteronomy 16:4.

  This was the part that was to be burned on the altar. See Leviticus 3:16, 17:6. Also see Exodus 29:13, Leviticus 3:3, 7:31, etc.

  Or, 'festival offering' (see Chagigah 10b). See Exodus 34:25, Deuteronomy 16:4. This is speaking specifically of the Passover offering (Rashbam), but applies to all offerings and sacrifices (Sefer HaMitzvoth, Negative Commandment 116). Above (Exodus 12:10), there was a commandment not to leave over the edible portions; here there is a commandment not to leave over the portions that are to be burned on the altar.

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