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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
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9:22 Aaron lifted his hands toward the people and blessed them. He then descended from [the altar where he] had prepared the sin offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings.
Vayisa Aharon et-yadav el-ha'am vayevarechem vayered me'asot hachatat veha'olah vehashlamim.
9:23 Moses and Aaron went into the Communion Tent, and when they came out, they blessed the people. God's glory was then revealed to all the people.
Vayavo Moshe ve'Aharon el-Ohel Mo'ed vayetse'u vayevarechu et-ha'am vayera chevod-Adonay el-kol-ha'am.


lifted his hands...
  From this, we learn that the priests lift their hands for the priestly blessing (Sotah 38a).

blessed them
  With the priestly blessing presented in Numbers 6:22-27 (Rashi). The commandment regarding the priestly blessing may have been given earlier, even though it is written later (Ramban).

from the altar
  (Sifra; Rashi).

God's glory
  Prophetically (Targum Yonathan). Or, through the fire mentioned in Leviticus 9:24 (Saadia; Rashbam).

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