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26:55 However, hereditary property shall be granted to paternal families through a lottery system. This is how the land shall be divided.
Ach-begoral yechalek et-ha'arets lishmot matot-avotam yinchalu.
26:56 Whether a group is large or small, its hereditary property shall be divided by a lottery system.
Al-pi hagoral techalek nachalato beyn rav lim'at.


lottery system
  There were two baskets of slips, one with the names of tribes, and the other with the names of land areas. These would be chosen in pairs to determine which area went to each tribe (Bava Bathra 120a; Rashi). Some say that the land was originally divided into 12 equal parts for the lottery, and then each portion was increased or decreased, depending upon the tribes' populations (HaGra on Joshua 17:14; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah). Also see Numbers 33:54, Joshua 14:2, 19:51.

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