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Numbers Pinchas
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28:5 There shall also be 1/10 ephah of wheat meal for the grain offering, mixed with 1/4 hin hand pressed olive oil.
Va'asirit ha'eyfah solet leminchah blulah beshemen katit revi'it hahin.
28:6 This is the regular daily burnt offering, [the same as that] presented at Mount Sinai as an appeasing fragrance, a fire offering to God.
Olat tamid ha'asuyah behar Sinay lere'ach nichoach isheh l'Adonay.
28:7 Its libation, shall be 1/4 hin wine for each sheep, poured in the sanctuary as a libation, a drink offering to God.
Venisko revi'it hahin lakeves ha'echad bakodesh hasech nesech shechar l'Adonay.
28:8 Present the second sheep in the afternoon. You shall present it [with the same] meal offering and libation as the morning [sacrifice]; it is a fire offering, an appeasing fragrance to God.
Ve'et hakeves hasheni ta'aseh beyn ha'arba'im keminchat haboker uchenisko ta'aseh isheh re'ach nichoach l'Adonay.


1/10 ephah
  Around 2 quarts.

wheat meal
  See Exodus 29:2, Leviticus 2:1 (Sifri).

1/4 hin
  Around a quart.

hand pressed
  See Exodus 27:20 (Sifri).

at Mount Sinai
  See Exodus 24:5, 29:39. Some say that the Israelites began bringing a daily sacrifice at Mount Sinai even before the Tabernacle was erected (Chagigah 6a).

1/4 hin
  See Numbers 15:5.

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