Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any problems with Navigating the Bible II website working correctly, please check that you have cookies turned on in your web browser. Without these turned on, you will not be able to use this programme properly.

Q.1. I don't seem to be able to get the sound to play. Please help.

Sound is compress in MP3 format and should play on most PCs, phones and tablets. If you'd like to read the text while listening to the audio, right click on the sound icon and open in new tab/window.

Q.2. How do I find my way around your Bible site.
In order to find a particular parasha you can use the Calendar facility. Once in this section, click on the menu on the left for 'Find the weeks reading'. You can then type in the date of the weeks reading. It will automatically calculate the appropriate reading. You can also use the Calendar section to calculate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah day and portion.

The other option is to browse for a particular parasha. Click into the Translation, Torah or Haftarot sections. Each section navigates in the same manner. The left hand side is the menu. You can click each of the titles of The Five Books of Moses and a sub-menu will appear showing each parasha. You can then click to chose the one of your choice.

The Translation menu is slightly different in that it shows The Five Books of Moses in the menu, but the sub-menu shows chapter numbers.

Q.3. I seem to be able to open the initial paragraphs of a portion, but cannot scroll down for subsequent ones.
Above the Hebrew text and the translation near the top of the page are two links called Forwards and Backwards. Click on these to move around a portion.

Q.4. How do I play the sound?
Each of the verses of the Hebrew with notes and vowels are numbered. Next to each verse is a speaker icon. If you click this the sound will play. You will need to have RealPlayer installed. A free player is available from Look for RealPlayer Basic.

Q.5. What has happened to the transliteration?
On the Torah and Haftorah sections, the user is presented with Hebrew with notes and vowels highlighted in blue and light blue, and Hebrew as it would be shown in the synagogue. To the right of this is a verse by verse translation and transliteration.

Q.6. Can I use this program on a Macintosh computer?
Yes, however Internet browsers for the Mac work slightly differently than those for a PC. We recommend that you use the latest MS Internet Explorer browser if you want to use this program on a Mac.

If you have RealPlayer installed on a MAC the sound files should work. We do know that MS IE works slightly differently on a MAC than a PC.

What might happen is that your MAC will want to download the realplayer sound file and save it to your hard disk. You could play them once they're downloaded.

However, if using OS (up to version 9), you can manually link the .ra file to Realplayer using File Exchange. It will then associate the extension and play the sound file automatically.

Navigating the Bible II CD-ROM is made to run on specific PC platforms and will not install for a MAC.

Q.7. The font appears very small?
This can be solved by either lowering your screen resolution or by enlarging the text size in your web browser. MS Internet Explorer allows the user to increase font size by going to 'View > text size' on the browser window.

Q.8. I used to be able to get a sound file for an entire aliyah at a time.
This has now been implemented. Click on the sound icon by the portion name to download an entire portion. In the Realplayer window you will see the graphic below. You can navigate to the appropriate aliyah by clicking on the arrows.

Q.9. In the singing section for the Haftarot, group 14 plays an audio file called gr15.ra?
To our knowledge all the sound files are matched to the right verse or grouping. Just because the file names are different does not mean that the sound file is wrong.

Q.10. How can I help towards this program?
This program was developed and is available free of charge due to the kind generousity of many International donors. A list of our kind friends can be viewed on the Donors section. If you would like to help ORT to continue this remarkable work, please contact our help deskor telephone: + 44 (0)20 7446 8500 Fax: +44 (0)20 7446 8650.

Q.11. I have a religious or theological question, can you help me?
We are not able to answer any religious or theological questions that you may have concerning the Bible.

Q.12. Do you plan to develop this program further?
Navigating the Bible is now available in three languages, English, Russian and Spanish covers the Five Books of Moses and the corresponding Haftarot, as well as being available on both the Internet and CD-ROM. We also have a German only CD-ROM.

Any further development would require funding. If you would like to help ORT to continue this remarkable work, please contact our help desk, or telephone: + 44 (0)20 7446 8500 Fax: +44 (0)20 7446 8650.

Q.13. Where can I buy the Navigating the Bible II CD-ROM?
A new Windows XP English/Hebrew only version of the CD will be available shortly (June 2005).

Q.14. Some of the readings are marked with a red "chain link" or an 8 on its side. What does it mean?
This is a symbol marking a combined portion. On some occasions this portion is combined with the preceeding or following portion, rather than being read on its own.

Q.15. What style is the singing in?
The singing/trop is Ashkenazik in style. However, the Hebrew words are read in a Sephardic (Israeli) accent as used in many synagogues in the Western World.

Q.16. When I choose a particular language the contents come back in another language. What's going on?
In order to view our website correctly, you need to make sure that you have cookies on your browser enabled. If you do not then you will have problems viewing the site.

Q.17. I want to use part or parts of your website for my own private use, can I legally do this?
Yes. If you want to use a part of this website for your own private or educational use eg. home or synaogogue. However, if any part of this website is to be used commercially or integrated into a third party product, then this is illegal as Navigating the Bible II is covered by International copyrights. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for a full overview.

Q.18. How does the CD version differ from the web version of NTBII?
Both the CD and the web version share exactly the same data eg. cantillation, translation, transliteration, reference etc. The only difference is the visual style. With the CD version you can view Hebrew only, Hebrew with transliteration or Hebrew with translation. It is more versatile. However, the drawback is that it only runs on specific PC platforms.